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  Take Me to Paradise
     Female nude & nature - 90 x 70 cm.
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- Dimensions
90 x 70 cm |  35.4" x 27.56"

About this painting


More to discover, more to be fascinated by.
It's in your hand to discover beyond the first impression.

After a year of struggling with this painting I finally was able to finish it.
Layer over layer over layer, this painting has gone through a whole
process. In every painting you need a certain balance.

Imbalance in every single way needs a change to get to balance.
In a world full of chaos, full of confusion this painting symbolizes
what's going on.

The world is suffering from imbalance (stress, pollution, less nature,
less time) for a long time now. It now seems like we are being
drifted apart by this corona virus, but in this time I think
we even connect more. Families are being together in a house.
We have time to spend with each other. We care about
each other, we are looking for the good part within ourselves
(beyond the stress, the work pressure, the need of materials, the luxury)
and find compassion, love and humanity.

We need each other, that's for sure. We are one. The one thing
that people need the most, above all, is love and affection.
Love is the only way. In Venice nature gets a change to recover
(in the news), less traffic everywhere, people work at home, children
learn at home. I hear that people have time to take a walk with
each other. It is not all bad, let's make it good. Care about each other

I was finally able to finish this painting. I've worked several times
on this piece, changed it, put it aside, changed it, put it aside.
Now I know it was waiting for this moment. TAKE ME TO PARADISE

Focus on healing, take the time to reflect, to be yourself fully,
maybe this is the time to renew, to create other ideas, to send
your love to the ones who need it, to take your responsibility and
keep physical distance, to think for the whole, not only for yourself.
As you can see...We are one.

Female nude and nature art
Take Me to Paradise

- Materials
He only uses the highest quality materials, top quality paint, which he, like all the old masters, crafted himself. He is using the earth's highest quality pigments.  
- Details
Original painting, one of a kind. The edges of this artwork are painted, ready to hang on the wall. The most beautiful coat of varnish is used to protect this artwork for dust and UV. This painting is signed at the front "Oswin" and bottem/side "Gesselli/ Year". This original painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity. We ship worldwide, every artwork will be sent with the best materials and protection.

© 2020 Oswin Gesselli, all rights reserved.

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