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   King of the Jungle
     Lion painting - 180 x 200 cm.
- Price
108,000 euro
   Free worldwide shipping

- Dimensions
180 x 200 cm |  78,74"x 70,87"

About this painting


More to discover, more to be fascinated by.
It's in your hand to discover beyond the first impression.

Like every artwork in The Unforgettable series this one has a tale to
tell as well, weaved into the canvas there are stories and ideas to find.

A lion is often a symbol of pride, that pride is simply the lion being
himself. We often forget to be proud of ourselves, instead letting others
validate us. We should regain our pride in ourselves.

This should not be confused with being egocentric, if you respect yourself
you will naturally feel respect for others and your surroundings. The lion
never hunts more then needed, if he did his food source would go extinct.

Just like the lion we should be responsible with our environment, for
others and our own future. Being yourself, and being proud of that is
something that most people forgot in this age where it seems impossible
to not be influenced by your surroundings.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and view our life from a
bird's-eye view so we can see our place in the cycle of nature and
go with that flow instead of being stagnant.

painting of a Lion King with hidden treasures in the background like the elephant, condor, gazelle and Atlas carrying the earth on his back
King of the Jungle

- Materials
He only uses the highest quality materials, top quality paint, which he, like all the old masters, crafted himself. He is using the earth's highest quality pigments.  
- Details
Original painting, one of a kind. The edges of this artwork are painted, ready to hang on the wall. The most beautiful coat of varnish is used to protect this artwork for dust and UV. This painting is signed at the front "Oswin" and bottem/side "Gesselli/ Year". This original painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity. We ship worldwide, every artwork will be sent with the best materials and protection.

© 2022 Oswin Gesselli, all rights reserved.

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